What can we transform this year? Here’s how we’re building a wave of civic engagement one connective project at a time.

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Realizing Our Vision

3Levels.org Fundamentals

    Why we exist: To champion an age of connection and collaboration, evidenced by strong communities and fulfilling lives being the norm

The opportunity: For learners to contribute to society while transforming how they engage with their schoolwork, communities, and selves, in order to:

  • See powerful connections between their work inside and out of class
    • Recognize how daily health practices impact performance and mood
      • Engage with communities as a way to learn and apply skills and express themselves

      What we do: Facilitate impactful and academic credit-worthy experiences by secondary school and college learners:

      • Health projects – for connecting with themselves
        • Community engagement projects – for connecting with communities and the Earth

        Our community engagement project formula: Community engagement + academic work = transformative impacts on communities and learners

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        Our 2022-23 Programs

          Online resources plus optional Zoom and Google Drive-based advising support (leading or supporting another advisor) for projects lasting 2 or more weeks

        Project images

          Situations we can contribute to:
        • Credit recovery
          • Independent studies
            • Planned projects with civic elements (e.g., community engagement project competitions)
              • Academic projects that COULD incorporate community elements
                • Required service experiences
                  Cost to schools: $0
                    What we’re seeking: Testimonials and referrals to use for future grant applications and relationship-building

                    Our process for working with schools (click here for more detail):

                    1. Discuss learners’ and potential advisors’ project needs and concerns
                      • Identify the resources most likely to meet those needs
                        • Design a custom Drive resource package, share it, and give a tour
                          • Incorporate feedback to make any necessary adjustments
                            • Provide ongoing support as needed for successful use
                              • Get feedback about impacts on educators, learners, and communities

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                              Example 2-month project scenario

                              A high school student is behind on academic credit, feels disconnected from others, and is interested in art and agriculture. For more examples of similarly large projects (which can be scaled up or down to cover 2 weeks to a year), see here.

                              TopicRegenerative agriculture
                              ResearchReadings and informative videos about soil health and biodiversity, plus an interview with a MOFGA representative
                              Community ActionWorking three 4-hour shifts on a local farm using regenerative practices (for service time credit)
                              Product 1Illustrated timeline of regenerative agricultural progress (for art and science credit)
                              Product 2Written reflection (for language arts credit)

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                              Resources we’re offering and where

                              • On this website: Community engagement project concepts and topic selection support
                              • In Google Drive (via Sheets and Forms): Guides for possible components/steps incorporating best practices (see example screenshots of items with asterisks below)
                              Project ComponentGoogle Drive Resource Examples
                              ResearchProject selection form*, conducting interviews
                              Planning/designingProject timeline*/overview section, learning result incorporation* guides
                              Service action/ productsWeekly check-in form and tab*, reporting form* and tab, product possibilities list by academic area
                              Demonstration/ evaluationPresentation guide; rubrics for writings, presentations, other products*
                              Celebration/impact extensionAssessment forms*, ideas for inspiring others to do similar work
                                Characteristics of additional guides (e.g., for conducting interviews, choosing products, writing persuasive essays, and making presentations):
                              • Designed to minimize busywork and maximize the quality of meetings between learners and advisors
                                • Located in one folder in Drive for quick access
                                  • Formatted to maximize clarity and ease of use
                                    • Customizable to work within existing programs or provide one if needed

                                      Advising support

                                      We can assist throughout the process in Drive and on Zoom, as needed by:

                                      • Participating in weekly check-ins
                                        • Planning tasks and other components
                                          • Reporting on assignments and events
                                            • Reflection and assessment

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                                            About Tyson Weems (resource designer/advisor)

                                            Tyson on a tricycle

                                              Advisory Roles: Lead or secondary advising (depending on local capacity)


                                                • Brunswick High School Class of 1994
                                                  • Phillips Exeter Class of 1995
                                                    • Bowdoin College Class of 2000
                                                      • Montana State (MS in Health and Human Development) Class of 2007

                                                        Selected Work Experiences:

                                                        • 30 years as a sports coach (currently CrossFit)
                                                          • 8 years substitute teaching grades 6 through 12
                                                            • 10 years designing spreadsheet-based resources

                                                            Partial story

                                                            • Returned to Maine after not making the national cross-country ski team
                                                              • Founded 3Levels.org and co-founded CrossFit Beacon
                                                                • Spent much of the last 4 years building project resources

                                                                Commitment: To apply educational, musical, artistic, athletic, and civic interests to support a civic engagement movement

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                                                                More Information

                                                                On community engagement projects, including creating one
                                                                The 3Levels.org team
                                                                Or contact us with questions or fill out a Getting Started form