The Recommended Process

The total number of steps/components varies with project types and advisor roles. We can support each one via direct advising or Drive-based guides.

Pick an ongoing project or
Pick a topic target group or population (see this page) and non-profit (if hoping to work with one)
Sketch out a project idea, including time span and either potential community need to address or question(s) to answer
Research the project idea and conduct interviews (including to focus the idea and check for relevance and feasibility)
Plan the experience, specifying the steps involved and filling out a timeline for completing them
Prepare skills, materials, volunteers, etc.
Engage in and report on the planned community-related activities
Develop a product to apply skills/knowledge gained or extend positive impacts (where applicable)
Present/demonstrate competencies gained and other outcomes
Use rubrics, surveys, other to evaluate student performance and the project experience for all
Share findings or products publicly
Acknowledge effort, accomplishments, and contributions by participants
Additionally extend positive impacts, such as by publishing results so others can learn from them or add to the work
Not actually a step but occurring throughout the process