For connecting at the body level

Health projects can help build lifestyles that promote self-expression, belonging, purpose, and fulfillment. Think TRIAL IT, DIAL IT, and ‘STYLE IT. Projects are often about testing approaches for eating, moving, or sleeping. To get started:

1. Pick a topic, such as one in this list

2. Plan the duration and other parts of the project using one of our forms

3. Conduct the project using a customized Google Drive-based guide we provide

4. Assess the results (which are presented in an organized fashion in our guides)

5. Report the results if receiving academic credit

6. Follow up, including letting us know how it went via a survey built into the guide

7. Decide what should come next:

  • Continue doing something without major changes
  • Tweak the action in some way and continue it
  • Invite others to join you in being in action
  • Set the action aside and try something else