Instructions: create or pick one or more of these reasons that have personal meaning. Write them down in a list, and make several copies if useful. Post the lists as reminders for why you care about what you buy, grow, prepare, or eat.

I take food seriously because it can:

  • Promote or interfere with 6_rivers_farmers_web
    • Feeling energetic and alive
    • Looking my best
    • Recovery from workouts or illness
  • Support or discourage high levels of mental and physical function
  • Build community through shared growing, selling, preparing, or eating
  • Impact the quality of air and water in wells, streams, rivers, aquifers, and oceans
  • Be grown in ways that
    • Enrich or deplete soils of nutrients chopsticks_web
    • Build or destroy soils
    • Empower or displace communities (for example native groups in Central and South America)
    • Contribute to or decrease biodiversity
    • Promote or discourage respectful treatment of animals
  • Empower or promote exploitation of people growing, processing, preparing, or serving it
  • Provide opportunities to model healthy behaviors for others