Here’s an example of a project product with potential public value:

Possible Project Components

Activities and topics vary a lot. Contact us for additional choosing or planning support. Here are some possibilities. One way to use this table: find things that interest you and sketch out projects based on them, then discuss with us or a school advisor.

TopicReadings/ VideosInterview(s)Community ActionProductsPartner #2
AgricultureLand use, water pollution, biodiversityFarmers at a marketWork on a local farm using regenerative practicesIllustrated timeline on regional soil health challengesWolf's Neck Farm
Community hungerFood insecurity, nutrition policy, farm billSocial workerPack lunches over school vacationMap: local nutrition and food resourcesPreble Street
Emotional healthEmotional intelligence, mental health policies and resourcesLocal counselorWork with a restorative justice groupLesson for younger learners: responding to adversityThe Yellow Tulip Project
Energy productionElectrification, sustainable energy, energy policyLearner who did a similar projectLobby a state rep or committeePresentation: school rooftop solar benefitsNRCM
Information qualityMisinformation, debate ethics, logical fallaciesLocal media outlet fact checkerWrite and submit political debate questionsOnline fact check of local officials' claimsNews Center Maine
JusticeForms of personal and systemic racismJustice activistCampaign for drug sentencing reformLetter to the editor about recognizing prejudicesRacial Equity and Justice
LiteracyImmigration, education system, job training programsESL teacherHold a fundraiser for a group; read to othersABC picture book w/ differently abled models (classmates)The Telling Room
Pandemic safetyVirus science, health statisticsBusiness owner, microbiology grad studentCampaign for ventilation improvementsRap and info sheet on finding quality masksMaine CDC
Physical activityPhysical and emotional impacts of physical activityCity plannerHelp clean up and construct trails locallyEssay: project impacts on the learner and communityTeens to Trails
VotingFirst amendment rights, debates on voter ID and mail-in ballotsAmerican historianRegister new voters in a GOTV campaignSpeech: supporting election participation and