Why we exist:

To champion an age of connection and collaboration

Our vision:

People viewing themselves as worthy of healthy lifestyles, part of nature, and contributors in their communities

How we realize our vision:

By inspiring connective actions associated with functional communities and fulfilling lives

The 3 levels:

Connection to our bodies, people around us, and the natural world

Our focus:

Providing health and community engagement project resources for K through college learners, including

  • Start-to-finish support for completing transformational projects
  • Google Drive-based project management guides
  • Empowering presentations about great projects/experiences
  • Songs, raps, and T-shirts that reinforce key messages

Video Introduction

See this 2-minute video introduction featuring Founder/Connector-in-Chief Tyson Weems.

Achievements and Upcoming Steps

Obtained federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status
Assembled a board of directors and advisory team to help develop content and delivery strategies
Developed costumes, personalities, and messages for characters to use in video clips during presentations
Developed hand-outs to accompany presentations to foster audience action-taking
Developed customizable presentations on eating, physical activity, and other health-related areas
Delivered presentations at a variety of Maine camps, primary, and secondary schools
Surveyed students and teachers to evaluate immediate impacts
Built a website to house online resources and allow for widespread engagement
Recorded an album of songs reinforcing healthy eating and other key messages
Researched service-learning, project-based learning, and social-emotional learning
Rebranded to focus on levels of connection to maximize inclusivity and empowerment
Based on continuous educator and learner feedback, built an extensive set of online resources for creating powerful health and community engagement projects
Tested community engagement project resources and prepared them for sharing more broadly
Summer 2022:
  • Facilitate projects combining community engagement and credit restoration
    • Expand fundraising activities and staff and to allow for exponential growth in use of project resources

    Fall 2022: Support a range of health and community engagement projects in different public and private academic settings (grades 6 and up)
    • Support health and community engagement projects in Maine schools across whole school districts to support a civic and community learning progression year-to-year
    • Use entertaining musical and other PSAs to build public awareness and interest of what we're up to as well as community engagement and related learning in general