Projects are powerful, but they’re not the only way to build connection. Here are a variety of additional ways to do that every day.

Connection Ideas by Level

Pay attention to how things like eating and moving make you feel, noting specific feelings and situations when possible
Meditate or otherwise spend time daily without technological distractions
Build or maintain a sensitive palate by mainly eating whole foods and drinking filtered tap water
Try different approaches to eating, moving, sleeping, etc. and note differences in energy levels, focusing ability, and other performance
Develop coordination and strength through movement training: fitness, dance, yoga, martial arts, etc., possibly through one of our partners
Build emotional skills through reading and discussion (e.g., with friends, therapists, or in programs like the Landmark Forum)
Build mental skills through academic or other training
Regularly seek to challenge and restore your body in a variety of ways
Contribute to the lives of people around you
  • Help elderly neighbors rake, shovel or sand sidewalks, etc.
  • Help a friend move, garden, or cook
  • Join a neighborhood clean-up or advocacy effort

Volunteer with an organization engaging with communities
Take an international gap year or "service vacation" (see for more details)
Join teams with shared goals (e.g., sports, social clubs, work projects, other)
Learn about/discuss/practice being in effective groups (e.g., by reading or taking a course like the Landmark Advanced Course)
Build relationship skills like effective communication (e.g., through reading and discussion)
Experience the natural world (garden, climb rocks, swim in the ocean, and otherwise touch, smell, hear, and taste it) on your own or with friends by
Read about past and current environmental issues and advocacy
Support local non-profits and businesses promoting environmental health and more people connecting to nature