Our live presentations include clips of a variety of original-ish characters to reinforce key points. They’re also a way to increase our public exposure. Examples:

Professor eXercise

Title: Trainer/Activity Demonstrator Prof-eX-web

Main Roles:

  • Explaining progressions and other training concepts
  • Demonstrating a wide variety of ways to be active

Favorite Exercises: Sled pushes, skiing uphill, jump rope “triple-unders”

Slogan: “It’s more fun to be fit, so get after it.”



Healthy Platter

Title: Food Wizard

Main Role: Sharing ideas for promoting 3D Health with food

Favorite Foods: Green salads, sweet potatoes, home-assembled trail mix

Favorite Drink: Filtered tap water

Slogan: “We are what we eat, and what we eat is what it ate.”


Willwin All-Us

Title: 3-Level Connection Advocate

Main Role: Inspiring people to take connective action

Original Home: Scotland

Sword Use: Pointing out the power of consumers 

On connection at three levels: “We’re only truly free if we’ve got all three!”


The Victorious B.G.E.

Title: Hip Hop eARThIST

Main Role: Rapping about connecting at the levels of body, group, and Earth

Topics: 3-level connection, making quality decisions, enjoying vegetables

Influences: The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, broccoli

Song Clip: Veggie Time