Action Team

Tyson Weems

Motivation: "This project reflects an intention to 'do my thing' in ways that benefit others. It builds on many different experiences and also means growing in new ways as an educator, performer, student, and leader. Getting to develop and share my energy, skills, and passion (including for civic engagement, movement, music, art, teaching, food, and trying to be clever) is super fulfilling."

    • Former RD LD (Registered Dietitian, ME Licensed Dietitian)
    • 8 years substitute teaching and 22 years of coaching experience
    • CrossFit Level I Trainer, CF Gymnastics, CF Weightlifting, and CF Kids

    Educational Background:
    • University of Northern Colorado Distance Dietetics Internship Program 2008
    • MT State University (MS in Health and Human Development) 2007
    • Bowdoin College (Sociology and Environmental Studies) 2000
    • Phillips Exeter Academy 1995
    • Brunswick High School 1994

    Current Home: Portland, Maine
    Other Current Activities:
    • Coaching at CrossFit Beacon
    • Performing music (guitar/voice solo and with backing tracks)
    • Sports (currently CrossFit, X-C sking, and snowboarding)

    Past Jobs: Substitute teacher (grades 6-12), sports referee, personal trainer, nutrition researcher, sports camp director, musician, guitar instructor, whitewater raft guide, snowboard instructor, baseball coach

    Elle Snyder

    Motivation: “The pervasiveness of disconnection today deeply saddens me but also drives me to action. I believe that successfully combating this crisis requires a holistic and intersectional approach like the one 3Levels employs. I’m dedicated to supporting a mission that sees the health of our bodies, our communities and our environment as one truly interconnected system.”

      • Legislative Aide in the Maine House Majority Office
      • Facilitator with Restorative Justice Institute of Maine
      • Volunteer/Organizer for several social justice and political action organizations (ACLU, ILAP, NARAL Pro Choice, Maine HDCC, Environment ME)

      • Endicott College (BS in Political Science with a concentration in Conflict Resolution)
      • USM Muskie School (current/seeking an MS in Public Policy)

      Current home: Portland
      Other Current Activities:
      • CrossFit
      • Plant-based baking
      • Yoga
      • Moving my body in nature however possible! (running, hiking, attempting to XC ski)

      Liz Vella

      Motivation: "The field of health psychology has amassed a vast literature demonstrating the interactive influences of healthy diet, regular aerobic exercise, and social support for augmenting quality of life and longevity. We are also discovering that being in nature is instrumental to this process. Civic engagement and community-engaged learning tie these elements together and in so doing build a sense of meaning, life purpose, and self efficacy. Now is the time to apply this knowledge in a manner that will translate to lifelong habits of health promotion."

        • Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Maine
        • Author or co-author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
        • Presenter of research at a variety of conferences
        • USM Psychology Department Chair
        • USM Psychology Club Faculty Advisor
        • USM Psychology Department Internship Coordinator

        Educational Background:
        • University of Pittsburgh (postdoctoral fellowship in Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine) 2007
        • Virginia Tech (MS in Psychological Sciences) 2003
        • Virginia Tech (Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences) 2005
        • Sonoma State University (BA in Psychological Sciences) 1998

        Current Home: Portland, Maine
        Other Current Activities:
        • Cardiovascular reactivity to and recovery from lab induced stress
        • Stress reduction interventions to improve quality of life among cancer patients and combat veterans
        • CrossFit

        Board of Directors

        John Rooks

        Motivation: "I've made a career out of exploring the intersections of disparate cultures. The intersection of environmental, personal and community heath couldn't be more relevant or needed today."

          • Founder, The SOAP Group (a boutique sustainability consulting firm helping companies improve and own their impacts on the planet
          • Cofounder, Rapport (a software company helping small and midsize businesses do the above
          • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

          Educational Background:
          • Clarion University (MS in Cultural Studies) 1994
          • Castleton State College (BA) 1992
          • Current Home: Portland, Maine

          Other Current Activities:
          • Being a dad to a daughter, son, and dog
          • Competing (mostly in classes) at CrossFit
          • Traveling

          Kevin Haley

          Motivation: "The intersection between physical activity and wellness in all aspects of life is a place I have been exploring in my own life for at least the last 15 years. I firmly believe that physical activity is directly correlated to success in other areas of life, academic or professional."

            • Law practice (Brann and Isaacson in Lewiston, Maine)
            • Experience as counsel and as member of the board of directors of
              a number of nonprofits, including Teens to Trails (an organization
              providing resources to help teenagers find outdoor recreational
            • Adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine School of Law
              (guest lecturing on issues relating to trademarks, unfair
              competition, and internet law)

            Educational Background:
            • UMaine School of Law (JD) 1994
            • Bowdoin College (BA in History) 1989
            • Current Home: Yarmouth, Maine

            Other Current Activities:
            • Father of two
            • CrossFit, Nordic and alpine skiing, hiking, golf

            Rachelle Cummings Gerry

            Motivation: "As an athlete and lover of the outdoors, I know the tremendous impacts a healthy lifestyle has on people and the environment. This outreach program educates and encourages audiences to
            create healthy, meaningful, and active lives. All-important for enjoying life to the fullest with family and friends."

              Lead Project Manager, Moss Inc. (a provider of custom tensioned
              fabric structures, display hardware, and large format printing
              for exhibit and event producers, retailers, and stadiums)
              Educational Background:
              Brandeis University (BS in History & Environmental Studies) 1999

              Current Home: Falmouth, Maine
              Other Current Activities:
              • Being a wife and mother
              • Enjoying great food
              • Snowboarding
              • Mountain biking
              • Paddle boarding
              • CrossFit

              Steve Weems

              Motivation: "All aspects of Planet Earth need to be in harmony. This initiative touches health at multiple levels, from individual cells to the global community. Encouraging healthy thoughts and actions is critically important."

                • Chief Operating Officer (4 for-profit companies, 1 non-profit)
                • Commercial lender and project financing experience
                • Economic and community development experience
                • Board work for various for-profit and non-profit entities

                Educational Background:
                • Harvard Business School (MBA) 1965
                • Bucknell University (BS in Mechanical Engineering) 1963

                Current Home: Brunswick, Maine
                Other Current Activities:
                • Trustee, Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA)
                • Trustee, Chair of Governance Committee, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
                • Board member, Treasurer of the Brunswick FoodShed
                  (a developmental local farmers' market project)
                • Husband and father of two sons, including the founder