We recommend building projects around something with personal meaning or interest.

    Note: Examples of organizations working in given areas are in parentheses. Not all have volunteer opportunities, but their websites or staff may be of use in exploring options.

Type of Activity

Consider what you might be into DOING.

Trees (Eden Projects)
School or community gardens
A farm using regenerative practices (Wolfe's Neck Farm, Scatter Good Farm )
Pollinator-friendly landscapes (National Pollinator Garden Network)
Clothes, food, shoes, or glasses for disaster relief (United Way)
Disaster relief or other needs Cultivating Community)
Food (Wayside Food Programs)
Petition or letter-writing drive (Amnesty International)
Registration drive to increase voting access (Rock the Vote, Represent.us, NAEYC)
Marketing to get the word out about an organization's activities or resources
Organizing or helping with an event to inform the public about an issue (Environment Maine, The Sunrise Movement)
Writing/seeking grant funding
Race, workout, or yoga or dance (Zumba, other) class
Concert or other performance
Car wash
Dinner or party
Silent auction

Group of People

Consider WHO you might want to work with or otherwise support.

Supporting year-round physical activity (Winterkids, Girls on the Run)
Children with serious illnesses (Camp Sunshine)
Potentially at-risk teens (Preble Street Teen Center)
Youth benefiting from mentors (Big Brothers Big Sisters)
Adaptive sports (Maine Adaptive)
Special Olympics (Special Olympics)
Ex-offenders reentering society (Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition)
Homeless (Preble Street)
Indigenous people (National Indigenous Women's Resource Center)
LGBTQ (Equality Maine, GLAD Maine)
Victims of trafficking, assault, or abuse (SARSSM/Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine)
Current or potential voters (Represent.us)
People impacted by a flood, fire, shooting, or other tragic event (United Way)
Recovering addicts (Portland Recovery Community Center)
Animals/pets (Animal Refuge League, Humane Society)


Consider an AREA of personal interest.

Literacy or other adult ed programs (United Way, Maine Literacy Council, The Telling Room)
International education programs (Teachers Without Borders)
Climate disruption (Sunrise Movement, 350.org, Environment Maine)
Habitat protection, management, or restoration
Sustainable energy production, storage, conservation, or use (Environment Maine)
Water (clean-up, reducing, stopping, or avoiding pollution)
  • Lakes and ponds
  • Oceans (Greenpeace)
  • Rivers and streams

Soil (clean-up or regenerative agriculture) (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association)
Wild animal protection and health (Maine Audubon, Environment Maine)
Reducing waste
Regenerative farming in Maine (MOFGA, Wolfe's Neck Farm, Scatter Good Farm)
Farmer support (Farm Aid)
Disease prevention and treatment
Physical health and safety (Planned Parenthood, Partners in Health)
Mental and emotional health (The Opportunity Alliance)

Other Ways to Start

Learn more about ongoing community engagement (each opens a new window)

Add a community component to an existing SCHOOL PROJECT (contact us for ideas)