Purpose: To be clear about words used to define and fulfill 3Levels.org’s mission


Connection: a bond or linkage within or between people, ideas, or other things. The strongest types allow for powerful relating and are made possible through being mindful/present (e.g., in other people’s worlds when connecting with them).

Contribution: an act causing another person, group, or thing to have or receive.

Challenging: stressing the body or mind (e.g., by training) in a way that produces a neurological signal to get stronger.

Restoring: using actions (like sleeping, eating, or meditating) that allow the body to adapt to being challenged by getting stronger.

Body-level connection: attunement with physical, mental, and emotional states of being (including in challenging and restoring oneself).

Group-level connection: attunement with community needs and interests, including in partnerships, families, teams, organizations, nations, or humanity.

Earth-level connection: attunement with a planetary consciousness, natural rhythms, or biological systems.

Belonging: feeling valued as a member of a community.

Winning: a sense of purpose, belonging, and fulfillment becoming common.

Project: a series of actions with an organizing purpose.

Civic engagement: addressing issues of public concern and building skills to do that effectively.

Community service: voluntary actions that improve the lives of members of a community.

Service learning: a blend of academic learning, civic learning, and community service.

How we stand for connection at 3 levels

Taking responsibility for our actions and impacts (including by evaluating them), starting with educators, learners, and others involved having powerful project experiences

Courage to experiment, learn, take on big and complex challenges, identify and take on weaknesses, etc.

Creativity/resourcefulness to find and capitalize on opportunities, human potential, and resources

Community/teamwork in working in ways that empower all participants

Seeing possibility in people, relationships, and the present moment

Mindfulness: being aware of our thoughts, words, beliefs, attitudes, and actions (and those of others when possible)

Balancing challenge and restoration, use of time or energy, and relationships (with people, work, pleasure, substances, hobbies, the Earth, etc.)