We aim to inspire a wave of connective behaviors. To find out how we’re doing, we ask people we work with to share their thoughts verbally and in writing. We have additional program evaluations planned for the near future as well.

Examples of feedback:

About Google Drive-based service project resources:

  • “Yes! Such a well-thought-out approach to get our students engaged with their communities and their own learning.” – Kaley Sawyer, Gray-New Gloucester High School Guidance Counselor
    • These materials are extensive, accessible, and student-friendly. As a teacher, I can confidently say that implementing these materials would be seamless. I am looking forward to working with this organization in the future!” – Noelle Auger, Lewiston High School English Teacher
      • “The Drive resources are professional-looking and user-friendly, which isn’t always the case when teachers design something for themselves.” – Emma Harrington, Lehigh University Class of 2024

      About a presentation about foundational ideas featuring an early version of the character now known as Willwin All-Us:

      • Overall: “great,” “very awesome,” “you rock,” “get on TV,” and “funny but helpful”
        • Several reported feeling motivated to do things like:
          • “Ride my bike more”
          • “Make my own trail mix”
          • “Help with a service project”
          • “Eat breakfast every morning”

        About the song “The World a.k.a. Our Gym”:

        • “The lyrics were really cool”
          • “I liked the guitar a lot”
            • “Catchy, memorable”
              • Made me want to “try some of the activities listed in the song”

              About an elementary school music-based presentation on healthy lifestyles:

              “Tyson’s energy during his performance was contagious! My first graders were singing about asparagus and staying active the rest of the school day. Even at lunch, the students were talking about which of their food came from a garden. Tyson was able to combine important information about making healthy choices with fun music that the kiddos enjoyed immensely! Thank you Tyson!!!”

              Ashley Vanasse
              First Grade Teacher
              HB Emery Jr. School

              About a hand-out for making quality lifestyle choices:

              • “Thank you!”
                • “It was really good”
                  • “Coolio”
                    • “Nice job!

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