We aim to inspire a wave of connective behaviors. To find out how we’re doing, we ask audience members to share their thoughts verbally and in writing. We also plan to conduct a more rigorous evaluation of impacts in Fall 2019.

Examples of written feedback from middle and high school audience members:

About a presentation about foundational ideas featuring an early version of the character now known as Willwin All-Us:

  • Overall: “great,” “very awesome,” “you rock,” “get on TV,” and “funny but helpful”
    • Several reported feeling motivated to do things like:
      • “Ride my bike more”
      • “Make my own trail mix”
      • “Help with a service project”
      • “Eat breakfast every morning”

    About the song “The World a.k.a. Our Gym”:

    • “The lyrics were really cool”
      • “I liked the guitar a lot”
        • “Catchy, memorable”
          • Made me want to “try some of the activities listed in the song”

          About a hand-out for making quality lifestyle choices:

          • “Thank you!”
            • “It was really good”
              • “Coolio”
                • “Nice job!
                  • “I would change it for different audiences”

                  More Testimonials

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                  My kids and I love the lyrics (and tunes) to your songs! And I needed a break from listening to the “Frozen” soundtrack.

                  Jillian Ames (Midlothian, VA)

                  February 4, 2015

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                  This project is as timely as it is creative! So great to see a musician and artist putting his skills to work for good. Rock on!

                  Tom Nichols (Boulder, CO)

                  February 4, 2015

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