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Welcome leaders! Along with this website’s public-facing resources, we offer two additional sets to support powerful service-learning projects:

  • Special website resources with detailed instruction for each project step
    • Customized Google Drive-based spreadsheets (a.k.a. Drive Guides) for designing and completing projects (including by participants communicating and recording progress)

    Contact us if you’d like access. It’s free right now as we continue developing and testing. We can also customize and share the spreadsheets at no charge once you’re ready to start designing a project. Score!

    Guides Available Here

    Note: Each has its own page/section

    • Project Preparation (partial glimpse)
      Image of part of the page
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Class Projects Integrating Service (partial glimpse)
      Image of part of the page
    • Communications Overview
    • Reporting
    • Reflection (partial glimpse)
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    • Assessment
    • Evaluation

    Google Drive Guide Contents

    Customized support for your project(s)

    • Table of learning result overlap (ME Learning Results, 21st Century Skills, NexGen Science, Maine's Guiding Principles) with possible S-L goals (partial glimpse)
      Image of part of the table
      • Planning form with sections for each project step
        • Best practices checklist, including for working with community partners
          • Ideas for products/deliverables by class subject

          • Project commitments checklists for learners, advisors, and partners
            • Real-time access to learner reflecting and progress reporting
              • Reflective questions with recommended grade levels
                • Suggested assessment questions for advisors, organization representatives, and community members (where applicable)
                  • Rubric templates for evaluating whole projects, individual parts, or by project goal (partial glimpse)
                    Image of sample goal rubrics
                  Planning and completing
                  • Step-by-step planning form
                    • Project commitments checklist
                      • Event reporting sections
                        • Log for recording observations and feelings
                          • Reflection areas

                          Maximizing positive outcomes
                          • Auto-populating project summary (for preparing reports or presentations)
                            • Tips for making effective presentations (partial glimpse)
                              Image of part of page
                              • Self-evaluation section
                                • Ideas for extending impacts