Here are a bunch of project ideas, organized by topic in alphabetical order. To display specific ideas for a topic, click on the grey bar. Look for ideas you might want to learn more about through research. Ideally you can also take an action and journal about it for two or more weeks. If you feel we’ve left out one or more useful ideas, let us know!

Drills for singing
Pranayama (yoga) practice
Wim Hof methodologies
No longer ingesting a certain substance
Reducing intake of something to a specified amount
Brushing or flossing between trips to the dentist
  • More frequently
  • For longer time
  • With a different technique
  • With a new brand or product

Using a Water Pik once or twice a day
Using "oil pulling" for 20 min a day
Increasing the frequency of professional teeth cleanings
Wearing a mouthguard while sleeping or playing sports (to prevent grinding)
Handling ANGER: Using counting or breathing exercises to create space and awareness when feeling it
COMPLAINING: Creating a game (e.g., minus a point every time you or a friend catches you complaining or whining)
CONNECTING WITH OTHERS: Seeking daily conversations with eye contact, mutual sharing
Increasing MINDFULNESS: Performing some type of training exercise daily
Reducing STRESS: Trying a new strategy (e.g., meditation or limiting social media time)
Creating SELF-EXPRESSION OPPORTUNITIES: Seeking a new one or exploring something at a higher or deeper level
  • Upping vegetable intake for a month
  • Trying a new food or combination of foods

  • Including food grown in your own garden
  • Cutting out a nutritionally sketch food like soda for a week or more
  • Replacing a more processed food (like a Pop Tart) with a less processed one (like PB on toast)
  • Including something from a local farmer’s market each day or week

  • Changing the number of meals per day
  • Eating at different times or within a different time window
  • Helping with a family or community garden
  • Interning or volunteering at a local farm

  • Taking a class or learning from a pro or enthusiast, getting a license, and doing it

  • Taking a class or learning from a professional or enthusiast, then doing it

  • Completing a hunter safety course and participating legally in a hunt (according to state and local regulations)

  • Comparing flavor and other characteristics of foods grown in different places or ways
  • Asking how farmers at a market or stand grow or process foods they're selling
  • Cooking multiple portions of something and eating it over several days

  • Trying a new recipe or changing one you've used before
Drinking water instead of soda one or more times per day
Using a new or different water filter (which tends to make water taste better)
Tracking total liquid intake and sources
Checking your breathe or body odor with one or more consenting judges daily
Trying some type for 5 to 20 min per day for one or more weeks
  • Dance
  • Fitness training
  • Hunting
  • Manual work
  • Martial arts
  • Other physical games
  • Sports
  • Yoga

  • Working with a coach for the first time
  • Working with different coaches, comparing approaches, fit, results

COMPANY (involving others)
  • Exercising with a partner (or a different one)
  • Exercising with a group (or a different one)

  • Demoing, renting, borrowing, or buying different gear
  • Changing an equipment setting (like a different snowboard edge tune)

  • Focusing on something new (movement smoothness, point epicness, other)
  • Mentally rehearsing responding to adversity differently

  • Using more short/focused practice sessions
  • Increasing rest between hard efforts

  • Setting an uptempo pace and seeing how long you can hold it
  • Trying to improve over past times, reps, or weights in some workout
  • Using shorter/faster intervals

  • Working heavier than usual
  • Working lighter/faster than usual

  • Practicing in a new location (like a new gym)
  • Training in multiple locations (like a running camp at higher altitude)

  • Including different drills (like new stretches or lifts)
  • Trying some new type of training (CrossFit, P90X, HIIT, etc.)

  • Using a different position (like a different grip in tennis or stance in snowboarding)
  • Using a different technique (like foot-striking differently in running)

  • Seasonality - doing different things depending on the season (e.g., XC skiing vs. running in the winter)
  • Time of day - being physically active at a new time of day

  • Increasing total training time (like by doing 2-a-days)
  • Decreasing total training time (like by doing less distance work)

  • Mixing things up more than usual
  • Focusing on a certain area of weakness for a specific time period
PREVENTING ACCIDENTS: More thoroughly checking the safety of equipment or conditions before attempting something
PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Wearing a new or different helmet, sunglasses, or other piece of gear
Making keeping it into a game (e.g., minus a point for every time you or a friend catches you slouching)
Doing daily exercises to increase awareness of back or pelvic position
Tracking amount of time spent in different screen-related activities
Limiting one or more types of screen time
  • Adding or subtracting 30 min of sleep (on average) per night

  • Lying down for 10 to 20 min when feeling tired (such as mid-afternoon)

  • Keeping your phone in another room at night and using an alarm clock
  • Lying with your feet up on the wall for 5 minutes before lights out

  • Going to bed within a 2-hour window every night
Monitoring time spent on FB/Instagram/Snapchat/other
Leaving your phone in a different room at night or when eating with family or friends
Checking messages/likes/other only at set times of the day