Recommended: an advisor and project participant(s) working through this together. Those without an advisor or coach may prefer to follow a template from a book or website. There is a space for comments or questions in the last section.

    When you hit SEND, your information gets emailed to us. In a week or less we'll convert it and invite you to view and edit a customized online Google Sheets log. Time to connect!

    SECTION 1: About You



    SECTION 2: Project Overview



    SECTION 3: Support and Communications Plan

    Safety note: check with a health professional before and during projects if possible, especially if you feel sick or unsafe at any point.


    SECTION 4: Completion Plan

    No - all setYes


    No - I'm all setYes


    SECTION 5: Logging Plan

    • Daily workout time
    • Servings of vegetables or sugary beverages
    • Hours slept
    • Number of stretch breaks

    Health indicator examples:

    • Energy level
    • Focus ability
    • Sleep quality
    • Workout quality

    No - all setYes


    SECTION 6: Reporting and Presenting

    Teacher(s)Mentor(s)Coach(es)Classmate(s)Friend(s)Other (describe below)


    Completed formPresentationPaperPosterOther (describe below)


    SECTION 7: Follow-Up Plan

    Using lessons learned to continue, expand, replace, or change it
    Taking steps to involve others in similar projects
    Other (describe below)


    SECTION 8: Feedback or Questions