Recommended Steps

1. Pick a topic (see Project Topics on this page), target group or community, and non-profit or other group (where applicable, see links below for ideas)

2. If working with a service organization, talk to people there about their ongoing projects and most pressing needs

3. Determine an action plan, including location(s), necessary preparation, initial duration of the experience, and likely activities

4. Complete the experience and (if for a school or other requirement) provide a report of it to an advisor

5. Assess and reflect on the outcomes (e.g., impacts on others, including by getting their feedback) (ideally using a form – coming soon)

6. Extend positive impacts, such as by sharing your experience with others, recommending or donating $ to an organization, inviting friends to join you next time, etc.

Additional online resources

Organizations with volunteer opportunities in Maine (via Volunteer Maine)

    Volunteer in Greater Portland